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High School Handbook

Principal’s Message


Dear Students, Parents and Citizens of Taylor High School:


On behalf of the faculty, staff and administration, I welcome you to a new and exciting school year. Taylor High School is a caring, learning community where all stakeholders actively participate and contribute to the education of all children.

As the new school year begins, please take some time to familiarize yourselves with this handbook. As one of many tools designed to help Students find success, this handbook includes our school’s Code of Conduct. Understanding the Code of Conduct will help Students better appreciate what the school expects of them as learners and as responsible, contributing members of Taylor High School and it will also help guide Students to make wise decisions throughout the year.

It is impossible to list in this handbook all of the rules and guidelines for Students and staff. Therefore, the contents of this handbook should not be construed to limit or deny your rights and responsibilities as a member of the Student body or as a citizen; neither should it be construed to limit or deny the school administration the right and responsibility to develop such necessary rules and regulations consistent with federal, state and Board of Education policies and regulations. As new policies are handed down throughout the year, policies will be made available to you.


The administration and staff look forward to an exciting year. We hope that your year at THS will be full of personal growth, service to the community and academic achievement.




Ed Grant, Principal