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High School

Welcome to Taylor High School! 


Queen - Lauran Lenard

Tiger Maid - Leena Butz

Senior Maid - Emma Drake

Junior Maid - Maggie McHenry

Sophomore Maid - Madison Lindsey

Freshman Maid - Brantlee Westfall

Athletic Beau - Josh Lindsey

Athletic Sweetheart - Alexis Clark

Miss THS - Carly Downs

Mr. THS - Luke Collier

Miss TES - Adley Buford

Mr. TES - Max Montgomery


We will honor the Class of 2012 at Homecoming

Andrew Brewer, Austin Bryan, Zach Caldwell, Morgan Cloud Carter, Brandon Cranford, Amanda Glass, Justina Glass Moseley, Jacob Higgins, Ashlie Maness Jones, Chavis Martin, Dillion McGee, Will McGee, Morgan McWilliams, Stori Mills Honeycutt, Christopher Phillips, Haley Rayburn Bergeron, Levi Scott, Jonathan Umphries, Brittany Vaughn, Jordan Woods