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Welcome to Taylor Elementary School!

Taylor Elementary Crushes State Testing!!!

While some schools struggled through the 2020-21 school year, Taylor Elementary excelled!  For the first time in school history, TES had a class rank #1 in the state in a testing subject area on the ACT Aspire.  In fact, TES had 5 grade level subject areas with the state’s highest percentage of students scoring “ready” or “exceeding” on the state’s mandated standardized test, the ACT Aspire!  12 other grade level subject areas ranked 12th or better.  Keep in mind, these rankings are out of more than 350 elementary schools in our state.  Not to be outdone, our Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students performed just as impressively on their standardized tests, the STAR Renaissance.  See the table in the August edition of the TES Newsletter "Coach Frizzell's Corner" (below) to see how each class ranked in our state. 

TES Receives Rewards/Honors For Student Performance!!!

Each year the state of Arkansas rewards schools whose performance on the ACT Aspire places them in the top 5%.  Being one of these top performing schools, TES will receive $29,200 in reward funding!

Also, the Office for Education Policy at University of Arkansas has awarded TES with two Outstanding Educational Performance Awards.  These awards were given based on the overall growth our students made from 2019 to 2021 on the ACT Aspire and the growth our students made in Math during this same time span.  Congratulations to our students and teachers who continue to grow the culture and reputation of Taylor Elementary as one of the top schools in our state!

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