2nd Grade News

February 4-7, 2020


Classroom Chart Toppers:

We are studying

American HEROES.

Tall Tales
Sequencing- timelines
Compare and Contrast
Comprehension Strategies
Increasing Fluency
Opinion Writing
State opinion
Supply three reasons that
    support opinion
Provide a concluding
Research Famous American
Spelling: Irregular Plurals
Telling time to the nearest five-minute interval
Creating and Interpreting Graphs
Social Studies:
Create historical narratives

Spelling Words

Irregular and Regular Plural Nouns

  • Most of the time the letter –s will be added to the end.
  • Words that end in s, sh,ch,x,or z –the letters –es will be added
  • Words that end in f or fe: drop the f or fe and –ves
  • Words that end in y: Look at the letter before the y.  It is a vowel: just add –s (boy +s = boys) If it is a consonant before the y, drop the y and add –ies (puppy +s  = puppies)
Sample Words:


mouse – mice                  person – people



child - children              man - men



tooth – teeth                 goose -  geese



wish - wishes                  elf- elves



flash - flashes               dress - dresses



box - boxes                    shelf - shelves



wife – wives                    fly – flies



toy – toys                       try-tries 


Second Grade Karen Buford
Second Grade
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