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Mrs. Davenport's Class

Second Grade News


This week we are learning:




  • Read and Construct Contractions
  • Review  vCe, open and closed syllable words, Soft C and G,
  • English words do not end in V (have, give, solve), and -ng and -nk endings.




  • Historical Fiction- “Hour of the Olympics”
  • Nonfiction- Expository Text
  • Increasing Fluency
  • Increasing Comprehension Skills


  • Using Quotation Marks- Dialogue
  • Writing a Narrative
  • Gathering Research
  • Constructing a Paragraph


  • Place Value
  • Base Ten Understanding

Social Studies:

  • Ancient Greek Civilization-

The Fist Olympics



English allows us to take two words and create a shorter form called a contraction

Please have your child read and practice spelling the following words and phrases. 

We will have a spelling assessment over words like these on Friday. 


I'm sending home a word sort game.  Their assessment will follow the same format.  


it is-                 it’s                       cannot-        can’t

I will-               I’ll                        do not-          don’t

I am-                I’m                    should not-    shouldn’t

that is-             that’s                could not-      couldn’t

I have-             I’ve                      she is-           she’s

there is-           there’s                I would-         I’d

he is-               he’s                     let us-            let’s

what is-           what’s                would not-   would not

Sight Words-   who     all


What’s your name?                 Jane said, “I’m not going.”

There’s the pancake.               He’s not there.

I’d like to go with you.             Who couldn’t do that?

Let’s eat!                                 It’s all in the tree.


Upcoming Events:

                                           October 14th         Parent Teacher Conferences     

                                           October 22nd        Fall Break- No School!!!

                                           October 28th         Field Trip to Dixie Maze Farms

                                           October 29th         Grandparent’s Day