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Pictures from our day

  • Science investigation: hopping corn, the reaction was greater than expected here, vinegar everywhere! The students  loved it.
  • Learning about tools in science, examining plant and animals slides with a microscope.
  • Exploring with the hand lens.
  • Friends racing to 120.
  • Fun at the Magnolia Fair
  • Science investigation: hopping corn
  • Magnolia Fair
  • The high school comes to teach us all about traffic safety.
  • Learning about traffic signs and safety.
  • Playing red light/ green light race by watching the traffic signs.
  • The high school visits our classroom as both first grade classes learn about traffic safety.
  • The students learn about parts of a pumpkin and its life cycle.
  • The high school presents safety tips for trick or treating.
  • The students listen closely to the presentation.
  • Hands on pumpkin investigation.
  • Collecting the pumpkin seeds to roast and taste tomorrow.
  • Learning to sort, tally, and record data.
  • Testing our their STEM table project, it works!
  • Sorting and tallying candy corn.
  • Will it hold?
  • Sorting and tallying in teams.
  • Winners! Their table held 4 pumpkins. Way to go!
  • Going for two pumpkins...
  • Testing their table.
  • They decided their table was more stable if they flipped it upside down.
  • Carefully testing their table.
  • Preparing to test the table they designed.
  • Ta da! Leaning but holding. :)
  • Trying to decide how to revise their design.
  • 5 pumpkins, wow.
  • Working together to build their table.
  • Testing their structure.
  • Will it hold?
  • 1st successful attempt
  • Using their plans to draft the table.
  • Looking back at their plans, they are building.
  • They decided upon plans, time to build.
  • This team decided to build a larger table.
  • This team wanted to keep their plans top secret from the other groups. Turns out they did have the winner.

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