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Pictures from our day

  • Science investigation: hopping corn, the reaction was greater than expected here, vinegar everywhere! The students  loved it.
  • Learning about tools in science, examining plant and animals slides with a microscope.
  • Exploring with the hand lens.
  • Friends racing to 120.
  • Fun at the Magnolia Fair
  • Science investigation: hopping corn
  • Magnolia Fair
  • The high school comes to teach us all about traffic safety.
  • Learning about traffic signs and safety.
  • Playing red light/ green light race by watching the traffic signs.
  • The high school visits our classroom as both first grade classes learn about traffic safety.
  • The students learn about parts of a pumpkin and its life cycle.
  • The high school presents safety tips for trick or treating.
  • The students listen closely to the presentation.
  • Hands on pumpkin investigation.
  • Collecting the pumpkin seeds to roast and taste tomorrow.
  • Learning to sort, tally, and record data.
  • Testing our their STEM table project, it works!
  • Sorting and tallying candy corn.
  • Will it hold?
  • Sorting and tallying in teams.
  • Winners! Their table held 4 pumpkins. Way to go!
  • Going for two pumpkins...
  • Testing their table.
  • They decided their table was more stable if they flipped it upside down.
  • Carefully testing their table.
  • Preparing to test the table they designed.
  • Ta da! Leaning but holding. :)
  • Trying to decide how to revise their design.
  • 5 pumpkins, wow.
  • Working together to build their table.
  • Testing their structure.
  • Will it hold?
  • 1st successful attempt
  • Using their plans to draft the table.
  • Looking back at their plans, they are building.
  • They decided upon plans, time to build.
  • This team decided to build a larger table.
  • This team wanted to keep their plans top secret from the other groups. Turns out they did have the winner.

Angela Saenz

Upcoming Events

Angela Saenz

High school students come and teach 1st grade about traffic safety before Halloween.
Pumpkin fun

Before writing “How to carve a pumpkin”, we carved one! Gooey fun.

Turning Halloween candy into a math sort and tally activity.
STEM project

STEM table project winners. Their table held 4 mini pumpkins and was crafted with 20 straws and 5 feet of tape!!

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