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Rules & Procedures


Science will be a departmentalized subject so we will have an hour and ten minutes each day to spend on Science. Fifth and Sixth graders will be responsible for a Science Fair Experiment. The Science Fair will be in January 2020. We will do the majority of the written/typed work in class. The students will do the actual experimental procedure at home and keep a journal, but do all the “paperwork” at school. I will send a more detailed letter home at a later date. Start thinking and looking for an experiment that may interest you ASAP! We will spend the first couple of weeks doing experiments and working on the Scientific Method. 


Procedures for 5th & 6th Grade Science:  

A list of classroom rules is included in the Welcome Letter. All homework and classwork assignments are worth points. The points range from 2 points to 200 points. Assignments worth 5 or less points are assignments we go over daily and these can not be turned in late. Assessments in science will include quizzes, hands-on projects,  and test. 

Homework is to be turned in at the assigned times. Forgotten or incomplete homework may be turned in to the teacher by the end of the day it is due to receive full credit. Forgotten or incomplete homework (worth 5 or more points) may be turned into the teacher the day after it is due (one day late) to receive half credit. Homework turned in two days late or later will receive zero credit. A student will lose this privilege if they make it a habit, (four or more occurrences) of turning in late assignments. Homework or class work assigned on a day that is an unexcused absence will result in a zero for the assignment. 


Most days we will begin class with a daily class review sheet. Our class procedure will be as follows:

  1. Lessons are usually introduced with an investigation, demonstration, or video. 

  2. Throughout the lesson, students will be recording information in their science binder and/or answer questions about the investigation. 

  3. Students will receive assignments to reinforce the concept being taught. 

  4. They will be given time in class to work on their homework/classwork. If the students use their time wisely, they will have time to finish most assignments. Mostly, homework/classwork goes home for parents to look over so you know what we are doing in Science. 

  5. Students are given a grade for participation which includes group cooperation, listening, following instructions, and staying on task. This is work 25 points per nine weeks. 

  6. Assignments are due the day after they are assigned (unless told differently). The next day we will discuss lesson questions, vocabulary, and review sheets. 

  7. Assignments include classroom discussions, quizzes, video quizzes, demonstrations, experiments, engineering projects, and a lot of hands-on activities. 


The students will be given 3 to 5 days notice before a test. Each student will keep their Science work in a binder. I encourage you to ask to see your children’s Science papers to see what we are doing in Science. Projects and hands-on activities will be graded using a rubric. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email at  or the elementary office (870-626-3304).  We will be using Remind 101 for announcements and reminders. This is used to remind students of upcoming test, quizzes, or events. Instructions to sign up will be sent home next week.  

I am looking forward to a very exciting and educational year!