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Science Classroom Information


Fifth grade and Sixth grade will continue to change classes this year.  We will still run on a nine week grading period. Third grade and Fourth grade will be self-contained.





Social Studies/ AR History


Mrs. Braswell  & Mrs. Britt


Mrs. Henderson

Mrs. Peterson

Mrs. McLelland

Mrs. Quarles


Mrs. Henderson

Mrs. Peterson

Mrs. McLelland

Mrs. Quarles

  AIP core subjects and typing will be taught during the last rotation of the day. The students will have Mrs. Morehead for Computer Lab, Mrs. DeHart for Music, Mrs. Pickard for Library, Mrs. Westfall for Art, and the coaches for PE.

 Fifth and Sixth grade students will go to recess after lunch this year. The middle building will begin going to lunch at 11:40AM and outside to recess at 12:05PM. In the lunchroom, payment is due at time food items are received in the cafeteria. Meals may be paid for weekly or monthly in advance. The students will not be allowed to charge. Please fill out the free and reduced lunch forms; they are kept confidential and are a BIG benefit to our school. We will have two parties this year, Christmas and Tiger Day in May.

Students will have a morning bathroom and water break.

                Student papers will be sent home in blue folders every Thursday to be reviewed, signed, and RETURNED to be filed in their permanent folders. If folder is not signed when it is returned, that week’s papers will be filed in the student’s permanent folder. It is very important that we receive the papers back. 

                Attached is a general information sheet, a list of classroom rules, and a homework/class work policy. Please read over the information sheet along with other handouts and fill out the FORMS packet stapled together and return by Friday. Please sign and return the list of classroom rules and procedures. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through the elementary office (694-5811). There have been many changes in our student handbook – PLEASE read over it carefully.

                We would like to remind you that when you visit our school, check into the office as soon as you arrive.  Even if you are bringing a backpack, a lunch, or need to briefly visit with your child – please check into the office on arrival. This is for the safety of our kids!

                We are looking forward to working with you and your child. Together we will make this a great year!


A few notes:

  • Please do NOT buy backpacks with wheels.
  • Water is essential for brain based learning.
  • Water in spill proof, clear bottles will be the only beverage allowed in the classrooms or hallway.
  •  Students may have cokes, flavored water, and fruit drinks at lunch only.
  •  Party invitations may not be handed out at school.







Please fill out the attached information sheet. You have filled out an Emergency Contact Information sheet for the office but this sheet will help us know when and how we can contact you in a non-emergency situation. Thank you for your cooperation. Below is an information sheet for you to keep at home in case you need to contact us!


Elementary Office  (870)626-3304

High School Office  (870)626-3310


Kelli McLelland

5th M grade homeroom

5th & 6th Science

Conference times

1:40- 2:20 (except Thursdays)

Email address












Classroom Rules and Procedures


  1. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  2. Listen and follow teacher’s directions IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Raise your hand to speak.
  4. WALK in all buildings.
  5. Get permission from your teacher or the duty teacher before leaving the building or playground.
  6. Bring materials and homework to class when due.



1st – oral warning           2nd – name on clipboard            

  3rd – check in citizenshipand/or punishment will be decided by the teacher.

After the 3rd check, students will be sent to Mr. Frizzell’soffice.


Multiple warnings during 9 weeks, will lower citizenship grade.

  • Each check in citizenship and referral to Mr. Frizzell’s office lower citizenship grade. 




Homework & Classwork


All Subjects

          Home work is to be turned in at the assigned times. Forgotten or incomplete homework may be turned in to the teacher by the end of the day it is due to receive full credit. Forgotten or incomplete homework (worth 5 or more points) may be turned into the teacher the day after it is due (one day late) to receive half credit. Home work turned in two days late or later will receive zero credit. A student will lose this privilege if they make it a habit, (four or more occurrences) of turning in late assignments. Homework or class work assigned on a day that is an unexcused absence will result in a zero for the assignment.

Recess Time

            Recess time will be taken away from students for getting water or going to the bathroom during instructional time. The students will have an adjustment time for the first week of school to adjust the schedule.