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Christy Grimmett

Mrs. Grimmett’s

3rd grade

Literacy/Social Studies Class
















Homework (20-30 min):    




If no homework is assigned in class students should practice writing the letters we have learned in class, using the directions that are provided in the “literacy resources” pocket in your child’s G.O. Binder. This practice should take approximately 10 minutes and the remaining time should be spent reading a book of choice.





How can I help my childs reading grade? A) Ask your child to retell what they read using complete sentences and details.  Who is telling the story? Who is the main character? Where does the story take place? Did you make any connections with the characters in the story?

If your child wants to read books that are above his/her reading level let them listen to the audio version of that book (ear read) and read (eye read) a book that is on their independent reading level.

Why does my child not have spelling words? A) The reading/spelling curriculum that we use in 3rd grade (Logic of English) is a science based reading curriculum that focuses on the student learning to read, spell, and apply the spelling pattern to other unknown words. Your child is assessed at the end of each lesson.  If you would like more information on our reading/spelling curriculum please contact me.

Is my child responsible for AR points? A) Yes and No; I do not require a certain number of points however, the students will take an AR test over the books that we read in class together.  Your student will also take an AR test over the books that are in their browsing box (in their reading level). There are several times during the week that the students are allowed to take AR tests over books that they read at home, if they choose to.



”If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”

                                                                                          - Ignacio Estrada



Christy Grimmett

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