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High School Requirements for Graduation: The Arkansas Department of Education requires a minimum of 22 credits.  In addition to this, EmersonTaylorBradley School District requires one (1) more unit making a total of 23 credits needed for graduation. Graduation requirements are found on pages 70-71 of the student handbook.  Credits are obtained by completing the following courses for SMART CORE STATUS:

*English four (4) units

*Math four (4) units-Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II or its equivalent, and 4th year math

*Oral Communication (Speech)-one-half (1/2)

*Science- three (3) units ONE unit may be from a computer science course that has ADE approval

*Social Studies/History- three (3) units

*PE/Physical Education-one-half (1/2) unit but NO MORE than a full one (1) credit is counted toward graduation

*Health one-half (1/2) unit

*Economics one-half (1/2) unit

*Fine Arts one-half (1/2) unit

*Career Focus Units: six (6) and may be taken from any vocational course.  

**Students opting not to take the Smart Core curriculum may substitute Chemistry for another science and the 4th year math would be a non-college course.  Students are also asked to sign a waiver stating the decisions to opt out of the Smart Core Curriculum.




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